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Cristiano Ronaldo- Way Ahead for the No.7

Cristiano Ronaldo- Way Ahead for the No.7

It was somewhere around the start of last season when the Real Madrid star hinted at his desire to play for the Reds again. It became an instant of joy for every United fan but never did anyone really spend a moment of contemplation to analyze the possibilities of his reappearance as the No.7 for his old club.

The whisper has surfaced again but this time, it seems rather resolute to seek a conclusion to the furore caused by it. It all started with Di Maria’s move to United. The Argentine had his reasons and with the arrival of James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos, his decision seemed legitimate to the fans.  The altercation between Di Maria and Real Madrid President Florentino Perez continued with both sides exchanging their verdicts and strengthening their stands over the issue. So how did our No 7 find his way into the turbulent storm in Bernabeu? It was his unhappiness with the way Real Madrid had handled the transfer market deals that rendered a heated debate over the ongoing row and bought him under the limelight with an increased focus over his desire to perform at Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s stint with United is a dream that any striker across the globe wishes for throughout his career. With 196 appearances coupled with 84 goals, he caught the eyes of many and like always, Madrid knocked at the doors of United to get hold of the prolific striker. Transfer market record books hit a new high when Ronaldo was bagged by Madrid for a whopping £80 million($132 million). Critics, as usual, had their say regarding the deal but nothing deterred the ambitious Portuguese from pursuing another dream run with the Galacticos. With his spectacular footballing skills, he has managed a La Liga title, the Champions League and the Copa Del Rey twice with the current European Champions. He never seems to rest on his laurels and is always in the hunt to prove his mettle every now and then. His stats on the international platform too exemplify his versatility and extraordinary skills.

With his contract expiring next year and the rumours of his frustration in the Spanish Capital constantly on the rise, there is surely a lot to talk about. Real Madrid has had a terrible start to their 2014-15 campaign and it only adds to the unrest in Bernabeu. Manchester United and Manchester City are en route to capture the Ballon d’or 2014 winner in the winter transfer window with United even ready to pay him the huge price of £500k a week, though the Spanish club is trying every bit to wane the enthusiasm. The transfer window is still a distant event with fans and media equally excited and anxious to witness an end to this tale. It’s too early to draw conclusions for now and as responsible fans, we can only wish the best for the No.7 irrespective of the club he plays for.



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