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When the crowd booed Federer

When the crowd booed Federer

Initially during his career Roger Federer was high on temper and it took him quite a while to mould himself into one of the calmest guys on tour. The 17 time major champion is not very expressive when it comes to emotions and the way he handles the game and pressure has earned him love and respect from fans across the globe. There is no doubt as to why he has been the fans’ favorite for over a decade now.

But the fans don’t appreciate breaking rackets and whether you’re a debutant or the greatest player ever, expect some raised eyebrows and fierce reactions to it. Roger Federer was on the receiving side of some serious reaction from the crowd when he smashed his racket on the court after netting an approaching forehand.

It was one of the most shocking sights in the tennis world, the crowd booing their favorite champion! Have a look.



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