Sebastian Vettel

One of the biggest talking points of the Canadian Grand Prix 2019, was an incident between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Vettel’s Ferrari was struggling due to poor traction and his brakes were also in trouble. Add to that Lewis Hamilton bearing down on his tail rapidly and the pressure was on.

Then, it happened, in a scene almost reminiscent of the 2011 Canadian GP final lap, Sebastian Vettel slid wide. Smelling blood, Hamilton pounced, but Vettel scrambled back on track and fended him off. Though, in all fairness, he nearly put Hamilton in the wall.

After the FIA slapped Sebastian Vettel with a 5 second penalty, the crowd did not appreciate it. So, when Hamilton took to the podium, they began to boo the Briton. However, Vettel intervened and beseeched the crowd to appreciate Hamilton, who was much quicker.

Earlier, Hamilton showcased his class by asking Vettel to join in on the top step:

It was a pretty good thing if you ask us. Massive respect for the duo.