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CSGO: Astralis Coach Zonic’s Autobiography Published In English

CSGO: Astralis Coach Zonic’s Autobiography Published In English

Danny “zonic” Sørensen, one of the greatest CS 1.6 players of all time and currently the coach of Astralis, announced that his autobiography, ‘ZONIC: The Astralis Story’ is now available in English. First launched in November 2019 in Danish, Zonic’s autobiography talks about his early life as a CS 1.6 player and how he transitioned into coaching the world’s best CSGO team.

Growing up in Copenhagen, Zonic found his true calling when he was introduced to CS 1.6. From there began his journey of being one of the world’s best 1.6 players. But as soon as he realized the gaming scene was changing quickly, he found it difficult to adapt as a player and decided to announce his retirement from the game.

Things changed when he joined Astralis as their coach in 2016. This marks the beginning of how he turned things around for a struggling team to turn them into one of the greatest teams of all time. Under his leadership, Astralis have won 4 majors and numerous other trophies.

An excerpt from the legendary CSGO coach’s book

His book talks about how he introduced different methods of training, focusing on diet, fitness, and the mental health of his players, to ensure his team always stays motivated and ready for any challenge. His leadership and his ability to guide the team every time they fall behind is one of the biggest reasons behind Astralis’ rise to the top.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Counter-Strike is fast. Rounds last a minute and 55 seconds. Until you figure out what you’re doing, time flies by in an adrenaline-rush of projectiles and explosions. It’s also pretty realistic. The weapons all behave differently and have different recoil effects. You can jump and duck, but there are none of the superhuman moves found in other games.

And it’s totally nerve-wracking. Rounds may be short, but they follow hard and fast on the heels of each other. It’s the best of 30 rounds, so the first team to reach 16 wins. After the first 15, the teams change sides – the terrorists become the counter-terrorists, and vice versa. The action takes place on one of the available maps.

Tournament matches are either the best of three or five maps. All of this means that you are likely to play hundreds of rounds in quick succession, to spend ages with your heart in your mouth, fully focused on every tiny little move you make. It calls for incredible levels of concentration.

I realize right away that it’s one of the most intense games ever. Staying alive takes mental strength and complete control of the mouse and keyboard.

The book is now available globally and is definitely something all CSGO fans must-read.

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