CSGO: Cloud9’s GM Explains Why Teams Are Reluctant to Reveal Players’ Salaries

November 10, 2020 7:43 pm

Cloud9’s CSGO roster has had a rollercoaster of a summer this year. The organization revamped its roster, bringing in HenryG as its new General Manager.

Cloud9 immediately became the talk of the town as several other developments followed. HenryG went on a spending spree, bringing in a couple of talented players. However, Cloud9 came under the spotlight for becoming the first Counter-Strike organization to make the salaries of their players a piece of public news.

In a candid conversation with Flashpoint, HenryG revealed what went behind making the last call, even when the other organizations thought differently.

How Cloud9 became a trendsetter in the CSGO community

The decision to reveal players’ salaries has been a matter of debate for years. However, the organizations couldn’t come up with an agreement. This was because the motion did not get enough votes to become a practice in the competitive scene.

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But Cloud9 went against all odds when HenryG announced the salaries of the players in the active roster. This attracted attention from the entire community, and the reviews were rather fuzzy.

HenryG said, “I think it is the next step. “I feel that (it) should be a celebration, that should be something you should be kind of telling everyone about.”

Revealing how much an organization has invested in its roster becomes a driving factor for a player to put up expected performances.

He also pointed out why other organizations don’t want to reveal the salaries of their respective players.

They paid way too much, and it’s been bad business while they’re paying their players way too little and they don’t want anyone to know that they got a couple of raw deals on the table for their players.”

We don’t know whether the other organizations will follow the same route as Cloud9. But HenryG believes that it was the right move as it increases transparency between the players, the organization, and their fans. It also bridges the gap between the roster and the community.

Will this decision make the competitive scene better than before? Stay tuned to find out!

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