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CSGO Devs Launch New Feature to Counter Cheating

Published 06/29/2020, 8:54 AM EDT

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In its continuing fight against cheating and hackers, Counter Strike Global Offensive has launched a new optional beta. The devs believe that this beta will help stop the issue at the very root. Recently, devs posted an article on the CSGO official blog with details about this beta and how to use it.

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This optional setting, called ‘Trusted Launch’, restricts the type of files that can interfere with the gameplay. Developers have designed this option with the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system and it is currently in the beta stage.

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Trusted Launch will restrict any file with potential to interfere in the gameplay

This option has some shortcomings too, but before we talk about it, let us take a look at what Trusted Launch is. Mostly what cheaters do to enhance their gameplay is they use third-party software that gives them an advantage over other players. For example, the aimbot, auto strafe, wallhacks and so on.

If a player uses such software and runs the game with ‘Trusted Launch’ on, he/she will receive a warning showing the incompatible file. Furthermore, the player will also be barred from joining VAC-enabled servers. In order to run the game anyway, the player will have to disable this option. However, this will temporarily affect the player’s trust score.


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In the article, devs have added they will soon have a more refined way to target such third party files in the game. “… all DLLs that interact with CS: GO will need to be digitally signed with an Authenticode signature.”

Moreover, the devs have planned to block signed DLL files too “if their functionality interferes with the game in any way.”

How to use this option in CSGO


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Valve has provided a detailed guide on how we can enable the ‘Trusted Launch’ beta. The players will have to first opt into the CSGO Beta Depot. It allows players and devs to test the changes made to the game before they are released in public. Before opting into any beta depot, the player will have to first download the updated files.

Note: Official Valve matchmaking will be unavailable when in a Beta Depot.

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For a detailed walkthrough of how to opt into CSGO Beta Depots, one can follow this article on the official Counter Strike blog.


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As of now, the feature is not a permanent setting and can be switched off. As long as it is optional, it might not provide a strong barrier against cheaters. But then, it is still in the beta phase and might be far more effective after completing development.

How effective will the latest method by Valve prove to be?



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