The CSK trio seem very happy at this decision!
The CSK trio seem very happy at this decision!

On Sunday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) acknowledged that they had received a confidential e-mail from Lalit Modi, in which he had accused three Chennai Super Kings players of being involved in betting and taking bribes from a bookie, and sharing the information with the Indian cricket board’s anti-corruption unit. The players accused were Indians Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja and West Indian all-rounder Dwayne Bravo.

Following is the official statement released by the BCCI, by its Secretary Anurag Thakur –

“We reviewed the emails sent by Lalit Modi. The ICC had confirmed that they received emails from Modi. They shared it with the BCCI as well. When someone plays international cricket, the responsibility is with ICC’s anti-corruption unit to do an inquiry on it. The follow up is there is nothing in that. If there was something, they would have informed us. If ICC has not got back to us with anything, it means the players have got a clean chit.”

The mail by Lalit Modi to the ICC was mentioned in a tweet by Shyam Swami (@shyamswami158) late on Friday. Swami tagged Modi in this tweet, asking the man so much in the news these days what he had to say about it and what the ICC’s response was. Modi replied to the tweet telling Swami that he should ask the ICC, the BCCI and the IPL authorities about the mail. ‘Ask @Icc @Bcci @Ipl why ask me. This is highly confidential. You should not be tweeting this’, Modi had said in his tweet. The original tweet by @shyamswami158 has been deleted and is no longer visible.

Editor : Akanksha Agarwal


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