Custom Superhero Skins Added In Fortnite

September 14, 2020 9:30 pm

Fortnite battle royale Season 4 is gearing up to become one of the most favorable seasons ever. Fans have loved the mid-season update. v14.10 brought forth numerous new elements in the game that the community wanted. The collaboration with Marvel seems spot-on, especially after the update. 

The game’s dynamic was altered ever since water was introduced. Players did not enjoy the map when it was flooded. However, with the recent developments as well as map changes, players are exceedingly happy with Epic Games. 

Fortnite – Twitter HYPEX

This season is going to go down in history because of the Nexus War. The Avengers can only stop the inevitable arrival of Galactus. The new update saw few new mythic abilities being added to the game.

One of the other significant changes relates to the changes in the Item Shop. With a new customizable superhero, players can shape how they want to look in the game. 

Superhero Customization in Fortnite

This was first tweeted out by iFireMonkey with a comprehensive video that showed how to customize characters. This new superhero customization is also a subtle hint from Epic Games. Perhaps, every player has to come together as a superhero to stop Galactus.

The Item Shop revamp was a plan Epic had for a while. However, it was going to take a good entry point in the Fortnite lore. With the crisis at hand, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for Epic to introduce a line of superheroes.

The “Boundless” skin pack will cost players 1800 V-Bucks. This coupled with the current Battle Pass, takes Fortnite to a different level, content-wise. Successful collaboration and a plan for future seasons. Perhaps the superheroes will stay after Season 4 is over.

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Is Epic Games planning an end-season live event?

Fortnite Twitter – HYPEX

It is quite likely that Epic Games is looking forward to concluding the season with a live event. Players have seen in the past how live events bring everything together. All the unspoken mysteries get proper conclusions. The Device/Doomsday event in Season 3 changed the entire map.

Perhaps, the only way to defeat Galactus is to deputize all players as superheroes. This will definitely factor in during the end season. Subsequently, live events are quite interactive, and thus, these new mythic abilities may be used there.

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