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Cyberpunk 2077 Reviews Will Be Out After Night City Wire Event

Cyberpunk 2077 Reviews Will Be Out After Night City Wire Event

Since its announcement in 2012, Cyberpunk 2077 has gradually become the most anticipated game of the decade. The game has already headlined a couple of E3 events, and at E3 2019, CD Projekt revealed April 16, 2020, as the release date. Apart from a few trailers, we haven’t seen much, yet everyone is hyped up about the game.

However, the studio has already delayed the game twice. First, they pushed back the release date to September 17. Then the company delayed it further to November 19, recently. Although the developers have finished the content and gameplay, they need to go through things properly one last time. Cyberpunk 2077 has “an abundance of content and complex systems interweaving with each other“. Therefore, the team will spend additional time balancing the game mechanics and fixing bugs.

Later, the studio confirmed that due to the latest two-month delay, the game’s DLC and multiplayer will likely be delayed too.

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Cyberpunk 2077 post-release content “proportionately” delayed

On June 18, the board members in charge of publishing the open-world role-playing game sat down in a conference call with investors. An investor asked if the COVID-19 situation had affected their plans for launch. Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt, said, though the pandemic isn’t the main reason, it certainly doesn’t help them in the final stages of game development.

The same individual inquired if the latest postponement implied a similar outcome for the game’s post-release DLCs. Senior Vice President of Business Development, Michal Nowakowski, clarified that they had not revealed the number of DLCs yet. The team prefers to call them ‘expansions’ instead of ‘typical DLCs’ since their size is significantly bigger.

Of course, the fact that the launch of CP has been moved will proportionately move the release of such potential expansions,” Michal Nowakowski said.

We have not actually made any specific announcements on when that’s planned, but since these are actually being developed, these are not any carved out pieces we keep in the drawer. They will have to be made. They will happen later.

The Senior Vice President then provided similar intel about the game’s multiplayer. “When it comes to multiplayer, similarly to the expansions, its launch is going to be proportionately delayed as well. Although multiplayer is a bit more distant anyway, so, that’s a thing for the future anyway.

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Night City Wire event going ahead as planned

During the same call, Adam Kiciński reiterated the game is in its final stages. They won’t rush the release as they want to deliver a perfect product having the highest quality. Thus, the company decided to delay Cyberpunk 2077’s publication by two more months.

We are aiming at very high quality, and quality is not only about big things. It is about small things as well, and there is a lot of small things to be tweaked. We have to secure time for this to make sure that we don’t rush the release. That’s why we added nine weeks.

The president also stated the Night City Wire stream will go ahead as planned. Meanwhile, journalists are playing the game, and you can expect reviews about the open-world game as early as next Thursday.

Regarding Night City Wire, nothing changes. Independent journalists are currently playing the game. We are expecting reviews right after Night City Wire, late afternoon on Thursday, next week.

While CD Projekt has delayed the official launch for the second time now, they genuinely believe that November 19 is the final date. The company is aware that such decisions cost them fans’ trust. So, they are as reasonable as possible with their choices. For now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the Cyberpunk 2077 showcase at Night City Wire on June 25.

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