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Dallas Cowboys and Man United Most Valuable Clubs

Dallas Cowboys and Man United Most Valuable Clubs

Dallas Cowboys

Forbes has named Manchester United as the most valuable team brand in the world. The Premier League club is rated as the fourth most valuable team brand across all sports behind the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. However, they top the chart when it comes to football clubs, with Barcelona second and Real Madrid third. United have a brand value of £425million, a rise of 12.8%. on the all-time list, Real Madrid are only 7th.

Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs

5. Barcelona

Dallas Cowboys

Spanish giants FC Barcelona kick things off at Number 5. The 24-time La Liga winners are valued at £405 million. Barcelona’s stock has gone up 5.5% in the past year. Meanwhile Messi lies 9th on the players’ list with earnings of £10 million.

4. Manchester United

Dallas Cowboys
Manchester United

The Red Devils are 4th on this list with earnings of £425 million. the 20-time Premier League winners may be 4th in the all-sports list, but they are the most valuable football team. The Premier League giants currently sit second in the English top flight after their first nine matches. Their brand value has risen by 12.8%.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas Cowboys
The Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are 3rd on the Forbes list with a value of £449 million. This NBA season, the Lakers have had an up and down season this year.

2. New York Yankees

Dallas Cowboys
New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are one of the most recognisable teams in Major League Baseball. The franchise is second on the Forbes list and is valued at £519 million.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team

The NFL team is the most valuable team in the world according to Forbes. The Dallas Cowboys are valued at an astounding £676 million. Its no wonder that they topped the Forbes list of most valuable teams.

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