Damon Hill-“I Don’t Want to be Critical of Verstappen”

November 14, 2018 12:14 pm

Max Verstappen, whose reaction after the Brazilian GP has attracted much criticism from fans all around the world, will do community service for his aggressive reactions. The collision between Verstappen and Ocon has not hogged as much attention as much as Verstappen’s post match aggression did. The matter has been spoken about by most of the players and X-drivers around the world, and Damon Hill was the most recent of them to give his verdict on the situation.

Damon Hill compared Verstappen with Senna, going out to say that Verstappen was very close to becoming a really good driver, only if he knew when to move on and when to stick around. “There was another chap in F1 that used to occasionally bump into people when he needn’t have done,” he said in an exclusive interview with Autosport. “I’m actually thinking of Senna. It’s like there’s a pattern that evolves when they are very young, and they don’t understand. “

He went on to say that it was a strange situation, and that Ocon probably should not have tussled with the race leader. “Clearly Ocon should not have got himself in a tangle situation with the race leader”, said Damon. “But Max diced with him, instead of going, ‘What is this guy playing at? He’s going to be difficult’ and waiting for a slightly less risky opportunity.”

“I don’t want to be critical of Max. It won’t make a difference anyway, because he will continue to take risks and drive the way he drives, but he will learn, and eventually he will drive like Lewis [Hamilton] has learned to drive now”, he continued. “And he will think this is so important, to win a race is so important and so valuable, you’re not going to let silly things put it in jeopardy.” 

He also analysed Ocon’s statement, and said that it was indeed a little tricky for Ocon who was also under pressure form his team to un-lap.“That’s a very interesting argument, and he’s under pressure for time too,” said Damon. “But you have to take extreme care when you’re involved in the battle for the lead, maybe even to the point of getting on the radio and asking, ‘Can you explain to Red Bull that I’m trying to unlap himself”, he said. “But he’d only overtake him for a few laps, he’d pass him and then be re-passed a few laps later.”

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