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Damon Hill Picks His Favorite for the F1 Driver’s Championship

Damon Hill Picks His Favorite for the F1 Driver’s Championship


The 2018 F1 season has already gone past 4 races. And in 4 races, we’ve seen 3 different drivers from 3 different teams taking up the top of the podium. While Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel seem to have the clear race pace over Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, the points tally show the other way around. Lewis Hamilton stands at 70 points, leading Sebastian Vettel by 4 points.

As the season continues, we’re going to seen the battle between the two only increase. Both of them stand as 4 time F1 driver’s champion and will look to clinch their 5th one – something only Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio have done so far.

1996 World Champion, Damon Hill, speaking to Sky Sports, was asked if it makes sense to put money on Vettel being crowned the champion this year.

“I think it is.

“You look at where Lewis is, he’s winning the championship but he’s had a bit of good fortune whereas Sebastian has had a bit of bad luck.

“Sebastian and Ferrari are definitely floating to the top.” Hill responded.

Hamilton has taken only a single pole this year while Vettel has taken three back to back ones. The German has been out of the podium for the last two races owing to mistakes. His car has been flawless, he personally, hasn’t been.

He urged Williams, his former team, to not become a Mercedes B-Team, something that has been in the air, off late.

“The problem with that is that you’re always going to be dependent on the teams that are dominant,” he added.

“If Ferrari are making customer cars for teams like Haas and Mercedes make them for Williams, let’s say, you’re going to be a B-team. So the future is not bright.”

Williams are in a mess of a situation right now. Criticisms have come from everywhere, including former driver Felipe Massa, who said Williams was suffering because of its driver choices.


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