“Dancing with Shirts Off & Hitting Linesman”: Nick Kyrgios Taunts Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic

September 30, 2020 3:59 pm

While a lot of fan favorites are playing at the French Open right now, Nick Kyrgios has been missing from the Grand Slam event. He decided to skip the event due to the pandemic. Kyrgios might have taken a temporary break from playing tennis, but he has still been involved in a lot of the recent controversies that have arisen in the tennis world. The most recent of these were his comments against Mats Wilander, who criticized Andy Murray.

Russian star Karen Khachanov wasn’t too happy with Kyrgios’ comments. He asked Nick to show some respect, but Kyrgios didn’t seem to keen on heeding Khachanov’s advice. In response to this, Khachanov wrote“I really think you are a good lad and I don’t have any problem with you. But once you are sitting at home and writing different comments about players that makes me think who has the real problem”

Nick Kyrgios responds to Khachanov

Kyrgios didn’t let Karen’s comment go unanswered. He responded to the Russian by saying, “Sorry I live in Australia and don’t want to travel at the moment. But again i’m not surprised you don’t have the capacity to understand that. But the tennis players are surprisingly bringing me entertainment. I have rap, dancing with shirts off & hitting linesman’s.”

With this response, the Australian hasn’t just taken a dig at Khachanov, but also Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic. Both of them were present at a party at the Adria Tour, which led to many COVID-19 cases. Nick further took another jibe at Novak with the lineman remark, referring to the time at the US Open where Novak was disqualified for hitting a line judge.

Nick has been gotten into many spats with other players over the past few months. This battle with Khachanov should not come as a surprise to anyone. Kyrgios has also been very critical of Zverev and Djokovic regarding the Adria Tour, and his recent digs at them didn’t come as a shock.

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