Daniel Cormier to fight Jon Jones at 205 again?

August 13, 2019 7:02 am

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones agree upon very few things that exist. And recently we saw these two go at each other again on the third installment of DC vs Jones.
In his recent interview with Ariel Helwani, the heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier when asked about retirement after the fight with Stipe answered that the fight with Stipe can’t be his last fight and he is ready to compete again after he wins the fight against Stipe.

And there comes the question about the third fight with Jones.To answer that Cormier said that
” I make the decision. The balls is in my court now. I decide if I fight Jon Jones or I let him continue fight guys like Thiago Santos and Corey Anderson”
He also mentioned that financially he is doing great and he doesn’t need to sell a PPV. But Jones needs the third fight cause that’s the only way he can make big bucks.
Daniel also said that he doesn’t have to fight Jones to legitimize himself or make big money anymore since he is the heavyweight champion of the world now.
But he explicitly mentioned that the fight will be at 205 if it happens. According to Daniel, Jones beat him at 205 and Cormier wants to right that wrong at the same weight class. Reportedly, UFC president Dana White has said on numerous occasions that he wants to see this fight at the heavyweight. But Cormier has some other plans.
Soon after the interview, Jones came up with a couple of tweets to answer Cormier.

To clarify whether he wants to move up to heavyweight and where does he want the third fight to happen, Jones said,

Jones also mentioned that he has been the light heavyweight champion for most of his career, and he never thought of moving up to heavyweight.

It’s safe to assume Jones wants the third fight with Cormier. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that DC pulls the strings here. He is the current heavyweight champion and if he beats Stipe this weekend on UFC 241, then he has many choices ahead of him. Again though these two are adamant about fighting again at 205, it’s hard to conclude that this fight is going to happen at 205 since Dana White seems interested in this fight at the heavyweight.

Well, before that DC is going to face the most decorated heavyweights of all time, Stipe Miocic and it’ll be crucial for DC to win against Miocic if he is to fight Jones after this fight.

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