Daniel Ricciardo

Renault drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg have recently proven themselves to be quite dirty-minded. While playing a game of Google searches, the topic stayed firmly in the genitalia region.

Daniel Ricciardo was well-known for having a dirty mind and even sang an impromptu song about scrotum. Meanwhile, Nico Hulkenberg was known for his 2017 exchange with Kevin Magnussen when the latter said “Suck my b**ls”.

When Hulkenberg discovered the Ricciardo scrotum song, he was quite puzzled, as Ricciardo roared with laughter. Ricciardo confessed that ,”I just sing sh*t basically.”, which was followed by the Australian showing a video of him singing that song.

When it was Ricciardo’s turn to reveal the next Hulkenberg Google prompt, Magnussen’s name popped up. Ricciardo asked, “You wouldn’t suck his b**ls would you?”. To which, Hulkenberg replied, “F**k, everyday.”

It was a mixed day in the office for Renault as, what could have been a double-point-scoring finish, resulted in only one driver in the points. This was because, Daniel Ricciardo picked up two 5-second time penalties. So, the Australian driver dropped from 7th to 11th, while Hulkenberg was promoted to 8th.

Now, the Renault team will be heading into the second race of the double-header in Austria. Daniel Ricciardo has bittersweet memories at the circuit because he bagged a podium in his first race there and was 5th in the next race. However, he agonisingly retired from the race in 2018. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg’s highest ever finish in Austria was 13th, in 2017. The German is notorious for being one of the unluckiest drivers, as the highest he has ever finished in his career is 4th.

After the French GP, Ricciardo said, “I think the biggest thing and I am seeing it now evolving is that when I went to Red Bull they had just won four straight titles,”.

“I walked into a team with a certain level of confidence, not arrogance but confidence, which can sometimes be seen as arrogance, they knew that they were the best and everything about them. It was that confidence.”

“Here it has taken time to get that and I think even the way the team responds to a fight on track or a good result instead or a little hype it is about getting some fire going and I’ve already seen that transform from the first few races.”