Usually during each race weekend, Formula One conducts a fun game called Grill the Grid. This game pits teammates against each other in a truth or lie situation. This week, it was the Red Bull duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Ricciardo was at his hilarious best in this interview.

The very first question was whether they had been given a speeding ticket, which both were guilty of. When it came to breaking up via text message, Ricciardo admitted that he never did it.

With regard to googling one’s self, both drivers have done it. The future Renault driver did it because he was hunting for an image to post on Instagram! Another interesting titbit about Ricciardo is that he sings in the shower.

Confessions were made where the two faked illnesses to play hooky from school. They have also cheated on tests, then Ricciardo came up with an absolute gem of a quote. You don’t make friends with hot girls because they’re hot, you make friends with them because they’re smart.

Team confessions were also made where Ricciardo and Verstappen have also ignored calls from their team boss. They have also lied to each other, though the context was a bit lost on them.

With regard to relieving themselves in the car, Ricciardo said, “There’s a bit of excitement pittle”. This was enough to prompt a snort from Verstappen.

There have also been instances where they made mistakes and blamed the car. But the Aussie admitted that he never did it intentionally, with Max adding that the team have the data in front of them.

The final question was whether they would miss each other since this would be their final Grill the Grid together. Daniel jokingly said that he wont miss Max at all.

The Red Bull duo


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