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Daniel Ricciardo is Very Picky About his Birthday Cake

Daniel Ricciardo is Very Picky About his Birthday Cake

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo turned 30 today and the Renault team helped celebrate. The team released a video with Ricciardo and teammate Nico Hulkenberg discussing about the latter’s birthday. Hulkenberg started off by welcoming Ricciardo to the 30 club and Ricciardo admitted that had he known the race outcome, he would not be grinning so widely.

Daniel Ricciardo then went on to describe how he likes his cakes and how he is particular about them. The Australian firmly stated that cakes should never have any fruits. His logic was that fruits are healthy and dessert should ‘bad for you’. He also admitted that he is fond of simple cakes, like a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate chips.

Afterwards, the Renault team presented the birthday man with a cake which, fortunately, was up to Ricciardo’s standards.

Sadly for Daniel Ricciardo, it was not a good day in the office at the Austrian Grand Prix. Both cars finished well outside the points in 12th and 13th, denting their hopes of moving up in the constructors championship.

Speaking after the race, he said, “You definitely wake up on Sunday with a lot of optimism.”

“No matter how the weekend has gone I’m filled with a little bit more hope, but once we got going, I think the reality of our pace all weekend set in.

“Even the first lap was a struggle to keep it all together. I nearly went off a few times and just fought the car a little bit too hard this weekend.”

The birthday man had the bragging rights as he finished ahead of his teammate Hulkenberg. Granted, the results may be less than spectacular, but the Australian is certainly enjoying himself in his new team.


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