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Daniel Ricciardo not thinking about a move to Ferrari

Daniel Ricciardo not thinking about a move to Ferrari

Ricciardo's F1 future

The Formula One rumour mill has churned out yet another product. In between races, there are always some claims that keep F1 in the limelight. This time, there are talks doing the rounds that Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo could be jumping ship to Ferrari soon. Red Bull has not been at the level of Mercedes and Ferrari off late, and both Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are starting to become frustrated.

But the Australian has broken his silence about these rumours, saying that he is in a water-tight contract with Red Bull which runs for the next two years. He agrees that they have not had the best of starts to the 2017 season, but he remains reasonably confident. “Definitely I want to be in the fastest car if possible, but there’s nothing in my head at the moment. At the moment we are not in the fight for the world title,” Ricciardo said. Red Bull later revealed that they are planning to introduce a B-Spec car for Barcelona. The last time a tam introduced a B-Spec car was the Force India team in 2015, and it reaped rewards for them.

“If we are strong in Barcelona, it could be the turning point,” he said. The B-Spec car is reportedly a full second faster.

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