Daniel Ricciardo Gets Candid, Shares A Podium Finish Could Well Be In The Offing

June 19, 2019 11:28 pm

A fortnight ago, we saw Daniel Ricciardo of Renault claim his best finish of the current season in Canada. In the form of a fighting sixth at the famous Gilles Villeneuve circuit, at Montreal, the Australian driver would bag 8 solid points. Moreover, it was exciting to see his teammate, Nico Hulkenberg also finishing inside the points, thus marking this as Renault’s first and only race thus far, where both drivers finished inside the top ten.

But for Ricciardo, who began his season, with a heartbreaking and rather lackluster DNF at Australia, struggling also at the races in Bahrain and China, it seems that the improvement was massive and much necessary.

That said, Daniel Ricciardo, who had his share of early struggles in Renault, his brand new team, is ready to fight hard and needless to say, compete for some interesting results ahead.

At this point in time, Daniel Ricciardo, who’s all set to enter the 2019 French Grand Prix, the home race for his outfit is looking to make it count big in the 53-lap contest. This is not only because the Australian driver, fresh from a strong race at Canada wants to make it count. But also because of late, he seems to have gotten his act together at a team where he was clearly struggling at the beginning of the ongoing season, unlike his German teammate.

In fact, truth be told, so high is the confidence of the ‘Honeybadger’ of F1, that he happens to have made a rather interesting confession about his hopes and form in the ensuing 2019 saga.

So that leaves us with a simple question. Where does Daniel Ricciardo feel he stands in the mix of things; can his fans expect some more points and dare one say, even a podium finish?

“I’m motivated and I want to get back on the podium. I know we’re still not there, but I think if I keep this level of drive and hunger then it’s going to come sooner rather than later!”

While the Australian also accepted that early on, his teammate comfortably out qualified him, of late, the car’s been feeling really fine and has begun to give him some confidence.

That said, with 14 more races to go, one certainly thinks that the Aussie, a naturally quick and experienced driver does stand a great chance to realize what seems his most realistic target of 2019 season: at least 1 podium finish, if not more.

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