Daniela Rajic: Controversial, Yet a Lovable Girlfriend of Paul George

November 5, 2019 2:23 am

Six-time NBA All-Star Paul George is quite popular among the basketball community. He might not have been married yet, but Paul George’s girlfriend Daniela Rajic has been living with him for quite a few years now, and the couple also has two kids.

Who is Paul George’s girlfriend Daniela Rajic?

Daniela Rajic was born on November 12, 1990. Born in Queens, New York, the Rajic family has Serbian origins. She graduated from the University of Miami, Florida. While studying, she used to work as a dancer in strip clubs in and near Florida to support herself during that time.

Later, she worked as a stripper at Tootsies- one of the most popular across America. The place being a hangout place for many athletes and celebrities, Rajic was able to see quite a few stars. It was during her time here that Rajic met Paul George.

The duo reportedly met each other on a summer afternoon in 2013, after which they started dating.

Now, six years into their relationship comprising a few ups and downs, she no longer works at any club. She co-owns a swimsuit line NUDESWIM and is also an Instagram model.

A controversy sparked at the earnest-

Hardly a year into their relationship, Daniela had filed a lawsuit against Paul George. This was after she had become pregnant when she openly said that George offered him a sum of $1 million to get rid of the baby. She, however, refused and gave birth to their first child  

This forced


It was after a few more years, in 2017, that

George and Rajic might not have had the best of starts and their journey might have been filled with a few ups and downs, but that is something that every relationship has to go through. Life is all about seeing through the difficult phases and enjoy the good moments to the fullest.

At the moment, despite forgettable incidents in the past, the couple seems to be happy with them, expecting a third child. They finally got engaged in November 2020 and are expected to tie the knot soon.

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