Daniil Medvedev Opens up on his Dream to Play with Roger Federer in Russia

By 9 months ago

Rising tennis sensation and Russian world number four Daniil Medvedev reveals that it will be his dream to play a match against Roger Federer at the famous Red Square in Moscow, Russia.

The 23-year-old took rapid-fire questions on the RT sports, where he discussed tennis and also talked about some famous sporting compatriots.

The Russian was asked if he could build a tennis court anywhere in the world and play against any player then who would it be and where?

The Russian disclosed his dream of having a tennis court at the Red Square in the city of Moscow and having the 20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer play on the court as he could generate over a million audience for a match.

Medvedev said: “It’d be on Red Square in Moscow because I don’t think you could find a better place. And if I could pick any player, it would be Roger Federer because he’d draw as many as a million people if they fit in the stands.”

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Medvedev also revealed that he ate and drank the most during the US Open 2019 finals against Rafael Nadal, last month.

The world No.4 said: “I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably any 5-set match probably against Nadal because it was probably the longest match of my career. I don’t know how many bananas I ate, and how many liters of water I drank but I think it was a lot.”

Talking about the difference between him and his compatriot Maria Sharapova, Daniil Medvedev gave a very witty answer and differentiate the two as man and woman.

“I differ from Maria Sharapova in that she is a woman and I’m a man. I can’t give a better answer,” Medvedev answered laughingly.

Medvedev was scheduled to play at his hometown Kremlin Cup in Moscow this week, however, he was forced to withdraw from the tournament as he needed to take some time off the court after reaching six consecutive finals on the ATP tour.

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