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David Ferrer Disagrees with Serena Williams

David Ferrer Disagrees with Serena Williams

Serena Williams and her US Open debacle has been resonating around the world, and the topic has been commented upon by players across all the sports. The opinions have been divided in equal proportions, with many standing up to object the sexism, while others have been asking the question- ‘What sexism?’

David Ferrer who had announced before the US Open that this would be his last year at the flushing meadows, also had a say on this controversy. Ferrer went on to agree that men have often behaved worse than women. However they have been punished accordingly as well. He said that there was no sexism involved in the match between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams at the US Open finals. ‘This is one of the fairest sports you have. Tennis is one of the few sports where men earn as much as women and I think it is a good example’, said David Ferrer. ‘In the male draw, men got fined than women, not because there is a difference, simply because men have behaved worse on the court than women’, he added.

Serena Williams

Players like Simona Halep and Petra Kvitova have also voiced Ferrer’s opinion, saying that the umpire was well within his rights to issue the warnings and code violations. Other players like Wozniacki and Djokovic have sided with Serena Williams.

David Ferrer was also asked about the changes that were incorporated into the Davis Cup schedule. Ferrrer supported the changes saying that it helped the players to remain fit for the entire season. ‘I think it’s good, changes are complicated, people reacted a little bit because it was always there’, said Ferrer. ‘Every year the calendar is very hard, many players get injured, reducing it to a week gives much value to tennis and over the years managing the calendar will be better.’

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