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David Haggerty Re-elected as the President of ITF

David Haggerty Re-elected as the President of ITF

After a series of controversies, the American incumbent David Haggerty was re-elected as the President of International Tennis Federation (ITF) for a second four-year term on Friday.

Haggerty faced the challenge of India’s Anil Khanna, Ireland’s Dave Miley, and the Czech Republic’s Ivo Kaderka. However, the American flourished as he received over 60 percent of the 428 votes cast, shattering the presidential dreams of Indian sports administrator Anil Khanna, who finished second with 21.7 percent of votes.

David Haggerty

At the annual general meeting of ITF in Lisbon, David Haggerty returned to the office mainly because of his vision for the Fed Cup and Davis Cup. However, many tennis pundits have questioned the sustainability of his model.

The Lawn Tennis Association also voted for Haggerty. The LTA, however, released a deceitful statement where it took a dig on the governance of the sport and also justified its vote to David Haggerty.

David Haggerty

“We are deeply concerned about the governance of the sport, the role of the ITF in that and a number of recent decisions,” the LTA said on Friday. “We do not believe that now is the right time for a radical change in the regime.”

“I appreciate your support,” Haggerty said after the verdict. “I would also like to congratulate Anil, Ivo, and David for their hard work in the election. Thank you very much.”

“I will analyze the result later,” Khanna said as quoted by PTI

Dave Miley, who was the former executive director of tennis development at the ITF, said he would run against Haggerty last year.

“My Presidency will not be about one person,” said Miley. “I intend to lead a movement of like-minded people coming from the Federation leadership and ITF Board to improve the ITF, making it stronger, and to change for the better the current fragmented international tennis order.”

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