“Death Threats Are Indeed an Everyday Occurrence” – John Millman Voices Against Cyber-Bullying in Tennis

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Sports personalities face a lot of cyberbullying. Angry fans sometimes give death threats and abuse the player and their family as well. Tennis players like John Millman have raised their voice against cyber-bullying in tennis.

Australia’s John Millman has time and again raised the issue of cyberbullying. And yesterday he replied to a tweet regarding death threats given to an Australian Football League(AFL) player. Millman said that death threats are an everyday occurrence in tennis.

“Death threats are indeed an everyday occurrence in the tennis world.” Millman tweeted

John Millman’s Tweet on Death Threats in the Tennis World

AFL rugby team Greater Western Sydney Giants’ player Callan Ward received severe death threats from Essendon supporters after Ward scored late in the game against Essendon. Which won the match for Ward’s team.

His Instagram posts were filled with Death Threats. But the player spoke up against the abuse and tried his best to ensure this doesn’t happen to another player.

“It’s just got to stop. If you’re getting death threats like I’ve been getting, there are some players that can’t handle that.” Ward said

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Some supporters even posted comments on his 6-month-old baby’s post as well. The Essendon team has then condemned the bullying and announced an investigation from their side.

Earlier in 2018, John Millman was subjected to a lot of cyberbullying after he lost in the fourth round of the US Open against Novak Djokovic. The comments were serious and very derogatory in nature.

“It’s a bit of a headache and a bit of a blight at the moment that a lot of players have to deal with. I don’t know the answer. Look, you try to ignore it but there’s a fair few idiots out there that something possesses them to get online.” Millman responding to bullies online in 2018

In today’s world, social media has become a tool to spread happiness as well as a lot of negativity. Such attacks should be taken seriously. And we as an audience should collectively fight against such unhealthy behavior.

Source: Twitter, WWOS.NINE.COM, stuff.co.nz

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