Demon’s Souls PS5 Devs Go Behind the Scenes to Reveal How Rubber Ducks Helped in the Development

December 5, 2020 9:14 pm

The Technical Artist of Bluepoint Studios has revealed a rather interesting piece of news regarding the PS5 title Demon’s Souls. Collin Harris admitted that rubber ducks played a massive role in the title’s development. Harris revealed that the devs had scattered the rubber ducks all over the set with a giant rubber duck looming over their heads.

Demon’s Souls released in 2009 for PS3 and was a massive success. This prompted Bluepoint to take on the task of building a remake which had some big shoes to fill.

Bluepoint had announced the remake as far back as June and accordingly, Demon’s Souls remake was a launch title for PS5 last month.

Demon’s Souls Remake for PS5 used rubber ducks for testing

One of Harris’s friends, while interning at Bluepoint, modeled cute little ducks that he added to the studio’s asset library. The ducks remained hidden for quite a long time before Harris uncovered them and added them as potential test dummies.

In a series of emails, Harris wrote, “It just so happened to be the perfect model to test with due to its size and shape. It didn’t hurt that it was also a funny juxtaposition to see a bright yellow rubber duck sitting in an incredibly detailed dark fantasy environment.”

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Harris also revealed the devs deleted the ducks soon into the game, worrying that they might ship into the finished product of the game and might hamper professional relationships.

“So instead of taking the risk of potentially damaging our reputation with Sony, we chose the nuclear option. It was fun while it lasted, and will forever live on as one of my favorite game dev memories.”

The ducks don’t appear in the game, but the story for sure lives on. As a memento, Harris gifted a 3D print of those ducks to several Bluepoint employees.

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