Demon’s Souls Secret Door Finally Opened and Mystery Revealed

Published 11/20/2020, 12:27 PM EST

The mystery of the locked door stands solved faster than anticipated. Four days ago, Demon’s Souls players were reporting a locked door they could not get past. The mystery rose to greater heights after everyone realized this door was not in the original version of the game.

Bluepoint Games had made this addition in the remake. While most were struggling to solve it, the posts on the internet revealed everyone was loving this challenge.

Players got busy with the first challenge they had found. Bluepoint Games is well known for making remakes interesting by adding secrets and Easter eggs, like they had done with Shadow of the Colossus.


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However, streamer Distortion2 has solved the mystery in just four days. He got the credit for being the first person to open the door after he shared the following image on Twitter. He thanked the devs for the opportunity to solve the puzzle.

Finally, players witnessed what was available on the other side. The revelation might not have lived up to its hype, but the satisfaction mostly lies in solving it.


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How to open the secret door in Demon’s Souls?

If you are playing the game and intend to solve this on your own, this is where you stop reading.

The door lies beyond an illusory wall in Boletaria world 1-3 and there’s no key anywhere nearby to open it. The secret to open it lay with another fresh addition in this remake: the ceramic coins. These coins are hidden around the game in two rarities:  Pure White or Pure Black. The design on the coins is similar to that on the door.

All players have to do is trade these coins for a Rusty Key with Sparkly the Crow, an item trader in Shrine of Storms. It took Distortion2 26 coins to get the key and open the door.


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Beyond the door lies an empty verandah with a corpse. This corpse is wearing the full Penetrator armor set and sword, which is the actual reward. In fact, Bluepoint Games tweeted an image of the verandah to the Demon’s Souls streamers.


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The first mystery might have ended, nonetheless, this only means we are on the path to find the next one. Until then, happy slaying in Boletaria.

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