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Desperate Times for Haas F1 as they Hunt for a Solution to their Issues

Desperate Times for Haas F1 as they Hunt for a Solution to their Issues

According to team principal Guenther Steiner, the Haas F1 team is working on a “solution”. This is quite literally crunch time, after their woes hit rock bottom at Silverstone.

Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen collided on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix and retired shortly after.

With Grosjean running the Australia-spec VF-19, the team were looking to gather vital data in their bid to beat the gremlins which are destroying their season – instead both drivers destroyed a crucial Sunday of data gathering.

A furious Steiner said after the race that he didn’t “know the solution” and that he didn’t want to hear any explanations from the drivers, but now it’s his job to come up with a direction for the future.

“I need to wind down and come up with the solution,” he revealed to Motorsport.com.

“I normally come up with solutions how to go forward, that’s my job, and whatever they are I will push them through because we are a team and everybody needs to work for the team and not for himself here.

“I want everybody to be steering in the same direction.

“When I saw it on TV I couldn’t almost believe it. There are two cars running into each other and it is our two.”

Guenther Steiner reacts as both his drivers collide

Steiner was even more frustrated after the drivers had been told that any issues between them “you give up and we sort it out later on in the race”.

THe Haas F1 boss failed to fathom why both Grosjean and Magnussen were unable to follow instructions.

“It seems to not get through, but I don’t know what is not getting through,” Steiner admitted.

“I need to think what we do about it with a clear head and make a decision how we sort this out because it isn’t acceptable.

“I can do a lot things. I don’t have to list them all to you, but we need to make a decision how we avoid it.”

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