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Despite BCCI’s Warning, Another Political Agenda Displayed During England vs Australia

Despite BCCI’s Warning, Another Political Agenda Displayed During England vs Australia

In the second semi final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, the concentration moved away from the England vs Australia contest. While Australia were struggling with the flight of Adil Rashid, someone else’s flight was spotted that could trouble not just the Aussies but the whole world. A buzzing sound caught the attention of even the Television viewers. Though the broadcasters could not show where the sound was coming from, images and videos of the plane were obtained from social media sources.

The flight carried a political message, probably from Afghanistan which read, “World must speak up for Balochistan”. This is a huge problem considering the fact that this is not the first time in this World Cup that this kind of a message is being shown.


The first one came during Afghanistan and Pakistan’s match which was also about Balochistan. The ICC and the British air force, even after one such incident were alert enough to stop a second. Later, during India’s match against Sri Lanka, a plane carried two messages concentrating on justice for Kashmir,  from Pakistan as one would assume. One of the messages on Kashmir even threatened India to stop genocide and free Kashmir.

BCCI had later warned ICC regarding the matter. The place where the first semi-final, which India played, was hence, declared as a no flying zone by the British Government. Manchester did not see any such incidents because of that and the British Government probably thought they had got the situation under control.

But today, once again a buzzing sound left the viewers wondering if it was another such incident and the social media generation was at its quickest to confirm it.

Even though neither Afganisthan nor Pakistan (which are politically involved with Balochistan) are involved in the match, there was a message for the world to speak up for Balochistan’s freedom.

Balochistan is a place in Pakistan which shares its border with Afghanistan and Iraq. There are many rebel groups in Balochistan fighting for its separation from Pakistan. Pakistan, without much evidence have often blamed India and US for funding the separatists in Balochistan.

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