Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get Ager’s Scepter Exotic Trace Rifle

Published 09/22/2021, 8:33 AM EDT

It’s almost been a month since the release of the latest season in the popular Bungie title ‘Destiny 2’. With the arrival of Season of the Lost, fans have a lot of stuff to unpack in the revamped Trials of Osiris, seasonal artifact in the Wayfinder’s Compass, and many more. Plus, the game also has new Exotic weapons as well.


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How to Get the Ager’s Sceptre in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost

In Season of the Lost, players can gain two new Exotic weapons in the Ager’s Scepter and Lorentz Driver. Players with the Battle Pass have already tried out the Lorentz Driver. However, Destiny 2 only received Ager’s Scepter recently following the conclusion of this season’s first major questline Mara Sov. Here’s how you can complete all the objectives required to get your hands on the game’s first Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle, the Ager’s Sceptre


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Destiny 2 Quest to find Atlas Skews in the Dreaming City

The questline begins with Destiny 2 players meeting Mara Sov at the H.E.L.M after finishing the first mission of the season. The Dreaming City Queen will play a major part in Season of the Lost as players inch towards the Witch Queen expansion arriving next year. After meeting her, she will provide playerfans with the first of four Tracing the Stars Quest to complete. In these quests, players will have to find Atlas Skews in obscure locations around the Dreaming City.

Destiny 2: Tracing the Stars I

In this questline, players will have to find five Atlas Skews in the city. All of these Skews will be present in the Divilian Mists and Spine of Keres section of the Dreaming City.

The Drowned Bay Skew is the easiest to find as it’s situated right next to the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. Once you enter the Lost Sector, players should keep following the rock on the right side, and eventually, it will lead up to the Atlas Skew.

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The next Atlas Skew is present inside a cave in the Divalian Mists. Players can locate this cave in the center of this section of the map, where a bunch of Hive enemies will spawn as well. Once you clear out the mob, enter the cave and a Skew will be present at the end of it.

Following that, players can find the third Atlas Skew on the pathway between the Spine of Keres and Rheasilvia. They will have to head over to a cliff, where they then will see a platform down below. The Skew will be present on this platform and they can grab it by dropping it off on this platform.

Players can then head off to Spine of Keres to find the next Atlas Skew. They will have to visit the Oracle tower in the northwest part of the Divalian Mist. Players will then have to climb the giant staircase to reach the Skew residing next to a wall.

For the final Atlas Skew, players will have to travel all the way down from the Oracle tower towards a bridge on the south side. Then, they will have to travel along this path which includes small islands. The Skew will be on the second last island before players reach the coastline.

Destiny 2: Tracing the Stars II

In Week 2, Destiny 2 players will have to search The Strand and Gardens of Esila section of the Dreaming City to again find 5 Atlas Skews as part of the Questline.

The first Atlas Skew is quite easy to find as it’s in the center of The Strand. At the center of this sprawling section, players can find the Atlas Skew present beside a large Awoken statue.

From there, they will then have to head eastwards towards the Gazebo. Upon reaching the location, players will have to climb a small rocky hill surrounded by trees. Then, they will have to jump onto the adjacent island where the Atlas Skew is present.

The next Atlas Skew lies near the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector. It will be present under the massive Gazebo at the end of the Lost Sector behind the reward chest.

Following that, players will have to visit the Garden of Esila for the remaining two Skews by traveling south from The Strand. The first one will be present near the waterfall at the northern part of the section.

Finally, the Quest for finding Atlas Skews in Week 2 ends by heading over to the bridge next to the waterfall. The Skew will be present near the large tree at the end of this bridge.

Destiny 2: Tracing the Stars III

Tracing the Stars III takes will need players to find Atlas Skews in Rheasilvia and Harbinger regions of the Dreaming City. Just like the previous two Quests, players will have to again 5 Atlas Skews.

The Rheasilvia Lower Level section is found in the path between Rheasilvia and Divalian Mists. Following a small temple, players will have to drop off a cliff to drop into a rocky section. The Skew is found near the entrance of a cave leading towards the Starlight Lost Sec

The next Atlas Skew is found near a small rocky hill present near the Temple. It will present on top of this hill, and players can identify the correct one by finding the Awoken Corsair near it.

For this Atlas Skew, players will have to locate the ledge near the entrance of the Temple. Then, they will have to traverse this pathway containing many ledges and small cliffs. Once players reach a ledge under an Awoken Statue, they will have to fly to the top to get a hand on the Atlas Skew.

Next, they will have to head over to the Harbinger Seclude inside the large temple in Rheasilvia. The first Atlas Skew will be present near a monolith floating in the air. Players will reach this room after heading right once they reach the massive hall in the Seclude.

Finally, after finding the one near the Sidehall Statue, players will have to go down a platform and use an elevator shaft. They will then find the Atlas Skew between the walls containing a lot of skulls.

A Hollow Coronation Quest

After completing the three Quests, players will have to go to the Wavefinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M. Here, players will gain access to the “A Hollow Coronation” Quest. The first task will involve meeting Mara Sov again. She will then give the final set of Atlas Skews to find. But this time, players will have to go to the Confluence to get them.

Finding Atlas Skews in The Confluence

To reach the Confluence, players will need to use Taken Portals. There are two portals in Dreaming City. One of them is present near the entrance of Garden of Esila, which is near the bridge players might travel to find the Garden Bridge Tree Atlas Skew for the Tracing the Stars II questline. The other one is present in the cave entrance that will lead up to the previous location of the Harbinger Ahamkara Skulls Atlas Skew for the Tracing the Stars III questline.

The Confluence leads up to many rooms through corridors. The first Atlas Skew is in the room which contains a giant crystal, and it will be present right beside it.

Just like the first Atlas Skew, another corridor from the Confluence leads to a room containing a giant tree. Same as last time, the Atlas Skew is present beside it.

Players can then move towards the next Atlas Skew by traversing the corridor leading towards a Taken portal. The Atlas Skew here will be present directly in front of the portal.

Then players will have to head back until they reach a room that leads up to some other corridors. They will then have to travel on the Harbinger Seclude corridor, which is on the opposite side of the one leading up to the Garden of Eslia corridor. Then, they will have to take a left and the Atlas Skew will be present inside a large hall in front of a statue at the end.

For the final Skew players will again have to turn back the way they came from and then take a left in the room which leads up to the corridors. Then, head straight until they reach a massive portal ring at the end of the corridor, where the Atlas Skew will be present.

Earning the Noble Seal

Following that, players will again have to meet Mara Sov at the H.E.L.M. Then players can finally access the portal by activating it using the Atlas Skews. This portal will lead players to the Ager’s Scepter Exotic Trace Rifle. However, it will be protected by a force field and Mara Sov will state that Guardians will need to find a Noble Seal to remove it. To find this seal, players will have to do more challenges.

  • Earn 100 Parallax Trajectory
  • Deal Rifle Final Blows to Enemies in Astral Alignment

Players can use any type of rifles currently present in the game from Scout to Fusion to Trace and many more. Guardians can complete this quickly by using any Rifles that use Primary ammo.

  • Defeating 18 champions in Astral Alignment
  • Earning 20 Super 20 Kills

Players need to note that they only have to deal damage once to a Champion. So, it’s not necessary for them to try to kill it.

Gaining Strands of Nobility

Finally, this leads to the last part of the Quest which requires collecting Strands of Nobility. To do this, Guardians will have to compete in three specific Strikes. This includes the Lake of Shadows in the EDZ, The Disgraced in the Cosmodrome, and The Glassway in Europa. Once that’s done, players will have to talk to Mara Sov at the H.E.L.M. She will then hand over a Noble Seal, which can be used to access the Ager’s Scepter Exotic Trace Rifle.

How to get the Ager’s Scepter Exotic Catalyst?


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To gain the Catalyst for the Ager’s Scepter, players will need to earn Wayfinder’s Trove chests from the Astral Alignment Activity. Players can buy one of these chests for 150 Parallax Trajectory. Guardians also need to note that they might have to do multiple runs as the Catalyst is not a guaranteed drop. Once they get it, Guardians will need to unlock it by gaining a 1000 kills with this Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle. Plus, they need to try and get precision kills as it counts more. Other than that, breaking rocks in the Shattered Realm with this weapon also speeds up the progress as well.

With the Catalyst unlocked, the Exotic Trace Rifle will have a new perk in the Will Given Form. The perk can be activated by pressing the reload button when players’ Super is fully charged. Once it’s activated, the perk will overflow the gun’s magazine, and the beams will deal extra damage. Plus, the Ager’s Scepter will also improve its ability to slow and freeze enemies as well. By doing this, the weapon will consume the Super Energy, and it will do so until it becomes 0 or the Ager’s Scepter has to reload after emptying its now improved 194 round magazine.


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Bungie has also added in a small castellan for players to test the gun’s abilities against a horde of enemies and a boss. With this weapon, players can now even break rocks that will give them access to secret locations in the Dreaming City. There are a lot of tasks to complete for Guardians to use this one-of-a-kind weapon, so better get cracking.

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