Destiny 2: Season of the Lost- the Best PvP Weapons You Need to Use in the Crucible Right Now

Published 10/11/2021, 11:41 AM EDT

PvP in Destiny 2 currently has a lot of splendid weapons to use. Guardians playing on Iron Banner, Crucible and Trials of Osiris can try multiple categories that suit their needs. This includes Shotguns, Hand Cannons, Rifles and many more.


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Players might know about the most popular weapons used in modes like these. However, they might not be the best ones. Here are some of the underrated weapons that Destiny 2 players should keep an out for PvP.


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Best Rifles and SMGs to try in Destiny 2 PvP

Linear Fusion Rifles, The surprise Destiny 2 PvP option:

When it comes to PvP, Heavy weapon choices for Guardians usually involve Rocket Launchers. However, Linear Fusion Rifles can be quite vital if they can hit their shots. Plus, Special Ammo variants like the Lorentz Driver can do a lot as well with its intrinsic perk. The weapon is very versatile as well and players can use it in multiple ways.

Eye of Sol, Sniper Rifle for days:

The Eye of Sol is probably the way to go if Guardians want to try Sniper Rifles in Destiny 2 PvP. With this weapon, players will have an exorbitant amount of aim assist, and amazing stats as well. It also has 45 zoom, and players can deal a lot of damage against opponents using Primary weapons.

Darkest Before, Mid-Range is where it’s at:

Destiny 2 players can grind for this Pulse Rifle on the final Prophecy Dungeon boss, which isn’t quite hard. The Rapid-Fire Frame weapon has some decent stats and great perks as well. This includes Elemental Capacitor, Slideshot, Surplus, Overflow, and many more. Players can use this weapon for some mid-range battles where Submachine Guns might not be the best way to go.

Multimach CCX, Close Range Melting Machine:

This Iron Banner SMG might be one of the hardest weapons to get a good Roll. However, if players receive a roll with Killclip, then they can go ballistic easily. The weapon can melt enemies in close range, and players might want to go after perks like Killing Wind.

Vex Mythoclast, Destiny 2 popular choice:

This Fusion Rifle has become the talk of the town ever since it arrived with the Vault of Glass raid. It takes a long while for players to earn this weapon. However, once they have it, they can easily dominate PvP matches. In the Linear Fusion Rifle form, Guardians can go on a tear, and take advantage of the weapon’s aim assist as well.

The Messenger, the best PvP Destiny 2 Pulse Rifle:

The Messenger is sp much better than other Pulse Rifles like the Darkest Before, No Time To Explain and many more. It probably has the best perk for Pulse Rifles in Desperado. This weapon will have great rolls if it has Desperado, and Guardians will definitely love to use it in any medium and long PvP maps in the popular Bungie title.

Hand Cannon and Shotgun choices to use in PvP right now

Palindrome, Range beast in Destiny 2:

Palindrome is probably the best Hand Cannon to use in Destiny 2 currently. While other weapons like Fatebringer and Igneous Hammer are great, it’s this 140 RPM Hand Cannon, which is the best. With perks like Killing Wind and Rangefinder, Guardians will have even longer range than most Pulse Rifles.

Fatebringer, Supreme aim assist:

Following the nerf to 120 RPM Hand Cannons, the 140 RPM variants have become the hot topic in PvP. The best out of that category has to be the Fatebringer. It has perks like Explosive Payload, Opening Shot, Killclip, and many more. With the really high aim assist, players can gain a lot of kills in the Crucible.

The Chaperone, Best Destiny 2 Shotgun:

The Chaperone is the undisputed king of Shotguns in PvP. Players might need a headshot to kill an opponent with this weapon. However, it makes up for its lack of damage with its outstanding range. It performs much better than every Shotgun ever, and players can decimate enemies with The Roadborn activated.

Ace of Spades, God of Flinch:

This Hand Cannon might have all the best perks in Destiny 2, so almost any roll is close to a good roll for PvP. Along with that, players can deal a lot of damage against opponents as well. Additionally, it flinches a lot as well, especially with its intrinsic perk Memento Mori.

Sudden Death, Best pellet Shotgun in the game:

The best roll for this shotgun includes perks like Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, Threat Detector, and Elemental Capacitor. A Sudden Death is the best option for a pellet shotgun in the game right now. Players who use an Arc Subclass can draw the weapon quite quickly with the Elemental Capacitor perk, which makes a lot of difference.


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Igneous Hammer, Still got it:

The Igneous Hammer Hand Cannon dominated during the 120 RPM meta era. However, since its nerf, everyone’s forgotten about it. Even with the nerf, this weapon performs quite well. It has the best stats for any 120 RPM Hand Cannon in the game. Additionally, it also has some outstanding perks like Elemental Capacitor, Opening Shot, Quickdraw and many more. With these perks, players can three tap enemies, with one of them being a body shot.


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With these weapons, players will have a great shot at winning rounds and decimating opponents. This includes the Crucible, Iron Banner and Trials of Osirsi, where they can earn really amazing rewards.

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