Destiny 2- Top 10 Weapons Guardians Should Have Before the Witch Queen Expansion Arrives

Published 11/16/2021, 8:51 AM EST

The recent This Week At Bungie blog post gave fans a glimpse at the changes that will arrive in Destiny 2 during next month’s update. The blog post included details for many of the buffs and nerfs players can expect to see for weapons, perks and mods. Along with that, it also gave an idea on what fans might have to deal with when the Witch Queen expansion drops in February.


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Next month’s update will change the meta rankings for a lot of weapons. With the Witch Queen expansion arriving in less than few months, players might want to gather some weapons that will help a lot in it. Here are some of the top weapon choices that players should have before the expansion arrives.


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Best Destiny 2 Rifles, Sidearm and Sniper Rifle to go after for the Witch Queen expansion

Suros Regime: Unholy amount of health regeneration

Bungie recently announced a tweak in the Suros Regime’s firing mode called Dual Mode Receiver. The developers haven’t changed the damage values. However, they have massively improved the weapon’s Range and Zoom in the mode. Players might want to get this Exotic Auto Rifle along with its Catalyst as it helps with health regeneration on a kill.

Darkest Before: Full Auto is key

The blog post also mentioned the addition of a Full Auto accessibility option for many weapons. This includes Legendary Hand Cannons, Sidearms, and Scout Rifles. However, it seems like it will be most beneficial for Pulse Rifles like the Darkest Before. The weapon earlier had a Full Auto perk, but with the arrival of this feature, Guardians can now slot in another perk. They might want to go after perks like Unrelenting, Rampage, and Elemental Capacitor.

Cryosthesia 77K: No more Variable Trigger

The developers at Bungie had added the gun at a weak state because of how powerful Stasis was. However, since then, the sandbox has improved a lot, so they have finally added some changes to this Exotic Sidearm. The weapon will no longer have the Variable Trigger and it will fire after pressing trigger. Plus, they have also changed the Charged Shot which freezes opponent from having an empty magazine after firing it to reverting back to the normal Sidearm mode.

Dead Man’s Tale: Buff season in Destiny 2

The popular Scout Rifle has its fair share of great rolls. However, players might want to pick up a roll which has perks like High-Caliber Rounds and Vorpal Weapon. The recent This Week At Bungie blog post confirmed the gun’s buffing. Along with that, Primary Weapons like the Dead Man’s Tale with Vorpal Weapons works even better as the perk will also receive a buff as well.

Whisper of the Worm: Improvements for Destiny 2 PvE

The Whisper of the Worm Sniper Rifle will receive a damage buff in the upcoming update. The developers at Bungie have also decreased the delay on activating Whispered Breathing along with a tweak for the White Nail Magazine refill. Destiny 2 players can’t obtain the all-important Catalyst right now. But, the developers might change it soon for Guardians to acquire it.

Best Linear Fusion Rifles and Fusion Rifles

Sleeper Simulant: Increase PvE damage buffs

The Sleeper Simulant will also receive a major buff with the December Update. The Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle will have an increased magazine along with an additional PvE damage buff. Other than that, Linear Fusion Rifles will have a 10% general buff, making weapons like the Sleeper Simulant unstoppable. Plus, the Catalyst also increases ammo reserves and speeds up weapon damage.

Threaded Needle: No more Particle Deconstruction, but that’s fine

Linear Fusion Rifles continues to perform well in Destiny 2, thanks to the Particle Deconstruction mod. However, that won’t be the case during the Witch Queen expansion because it will have a new Seasonal Artifact. Although, the 10% general buff for the weapons should help the weapon perform quite well when the expansion drops.

Reed’s Regret: Still good without the Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact mods

The Reed’s Regret will also see some improvements with the 10% buff. However, as it’s a Stasis weapon, it can’t receive the benefits that the Threaded Needle gets with the Focusing Lens mod. But, just like the Particle Deconstruction mod, Focusing Lens won’t be available as well in the Witch Queen expansion. Even without the mod, both the Reed’s Regret and Threaded Needle will work well in PvE.

Arbalest: Important Anti-Barrier Addition

The Arbalest Linear Fusion Rifle has always destroyed opponents in PvP modes. The popular Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle has caused headaches for many players in the Crucible. However, now the developers at Bungie have improved it for PvE by adding Anti-Barrier. This makes it extremely viable for modes like Grandmaster Nightfalls, which contain Barrier Champions.


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Plug ONE.1 (Adept): No more projectile travel in Destiny 2

The PvP Fusion Rifle meta will undergo a major change thanks to another tweak from Bungie. The developers stated that they will change Sidearms and Fusion Rifles from projectile to hitscan weapons. This would increase the projectile speed from 999 to 9999, which means there won’t be travel time at all. With perks like Under Pressure or Heating Up, Destiny 2 players might want to enter the Grandmaster Nightfall to farm for this Adept weapon.


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Players only have few more months before the Witch Queen Expansion drops. So they might want to start farming for these weapons to have the best possible rolls go along with it.

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