“Didn’t Have a Kevin Durant”: Isiah Thomas Addresses Brooklyn Nets Comparison with the 80s Detroit Pistons

November 2, 2020 12:16 pm

As one season comes to an end and the offseason begins, thoughts about what’s next for each team have resurfaced. There are certain teams that fans can’t wait to see in action, like the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets. There are also some who are still a bit of a question mark, such as the Detroit Pistons. However, former NBA player Isiah Thomas believes the Pistons aren’t very different from the Nets.

The Pistons have been non existent for the past decade, not having won a single playoff game in 12 years. The last regular season was just as disappointing as the rest. As usual, they will be under tremendous pressure to make improvements in their roster this offseason. It is speculated that they will look to unload some veterans and build a younger roster.

The Brooklyn Nets, on the other hand, have everyone’s attention. With Steve Nash making his debut as head coach, and a star-studded roster with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Caris LeVert, and Spencer Dinwiddie, they are under a pile of expectations. With such stark a stark difference between these teams now, Thomas believes the Nets resemble their Bad Boy roster from the glory days.

The versatility the Brooklyn Nets exhibit

Steve Nash former NBA player during the La Liga Santander match between FC Barcelona and RCD Mallorca in Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona 07 of December of 2019, Spain. (Photo by Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Hall of Famer, Thomas went live with Scoop B and revealed that he saw his old team in the Nets. He first joked and said, “We didn’t have a Kevin Durant. Let’s be clear. That’s a whole other level in terms of basketball play.” Even then, the Pistons did exhibit some of the qualities the Nets show.

“In terms of the versatility that they’re able to bring to the floor, from the three guards with myself, Joe, Vinnie. When you look at LeVert, Dinwiddie, Durant, and also Kyrie, who I think is probably the most creative player in the game,” said Thomas. “He [Kyrie] is about exploiting the art and the artistry of the game. I relate to that. I admire that. Then when you pair him with another creative mind like a Steve Nash, I just think the Nets are not only going to be exciting but they have the potential to be just beautiful watching them play every single night.”

According to 12-time All-Star, the Nets might have a lot of success ahead of them. However, can the Pistons turn their fate around this offseason? Will the world ever see another Bad boy Piston’s roster? One can only hope that the current Pistons also become capable of being compared to a team like the Nets.

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