Dimitar Berbatov demands Premier League return

June 6, 2015 7:29 pm

After leaving French club Monaco earlier this week, Dimitar Berbatov became a free agent at the age of 34. Berbatov joined Monaco in January 2014, and made over 50 appearances for the club. The former Manchester United striker was named “among the greatest strikers who played for AS Monaco” by Vadim Vasiliev, Vice President and CEO of AS Monaco.


After leaving the Ligue 1 side earlier this week, the now free Berbatov is on the hunt for his next Premier League opportunity after an 18-month spell. After spending eight years in England’s top flight earlier in his career with spells at Tottenham, Manchester United (where he played the 2008 FIFA World Cup), and Fulham, the veteran striker has made it clear that he would be delighted to return.


Speaking to reporters in Sofia, Berbatov stated that, “It’d be a pleasure [to return to England].” Reminiscing on his time with Manchester United, Berbatov had kind words to say about his time in England, “I spent a long time in England and I keep very good memories. Everyone is watching the English championship… the Premier League, and I’ll be delighted to return.” Berbatov first came to England in 2006, after Tottenham secured the Bulgarian from Bayer Leverkusen for nearly £11m.


Bournemouth have been rumored to have interest in Berbatov. Their recent promotion to the Premier League has put them in the position to offer Berbatov a contract, but the striker’s wages may pose a problem for their move. The veteran Striker was on an approximate £100,000-a-week salary in Monaco, and had joined Manchester United for £30.75m before that. Bournemouth would not be capable of keeping up with a salary that high, and would depend on Berbatov’s eagerness to return to the premiere league making him willing to take a pay-cut.


Berbatov is still determined to return to English football. His last match in the country was in January of 2014, when he was released by Fulham. He believes he can bring his skills forward for the Premier League, and feels optimistic about his career future. Responding to questions on his outlook, Berbatov replied, “I feel good and I think I still have a lot to give to football.”


He knows that all eyes are on the Premier League, and is eager to advance his reputation even higher, adding that, “Everyone is watching the Premier League and I’d be delighted to return.” From good World Cup Results to impressive national records, Berbatov has a record to match his career goals. Having scored 9 times in 37 appearances last season as Monaco finished third in the French league. Even after quitting in 2010, Berbatov is still Bulgaria’s all-time leading scorer, with a record of 48 goals. Berbatov’s history with Manchester United is equally impressive, where he scored 56 goals in 149 games. Berbatov’s World Cup results include the scoring of a hat-trick in the 6–2 home win in a 2010 World Cup qualification match against Georgia, in October 2009.


The question that remains is which club in England’s top tier will take Berbatov? The striker demands a return to the English Premier League, and his options range from Bournemouth to Liverpool to Everton and beyond.



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