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Jos Verstappen Says Max Needs to Think

Jos Verstappen Says Max Needs to Think

disappointed Jos Verstappen

A “disappointed” Jos Verstappen believes that his ward, Max needs to put more thought into his moves. This was in the aftermath of his controversial clash with Sebastian Vettel in the Chinese Grand Prix.

Jos said said that Max needs to avoid making the same mistake in future. He also promised to have a talk with his son in the coming week.

“The overtake on Vettel really wasn’t on,” said Jos. “That wasn’t possible. It was an error of judgement.

“In some circumstances Max just has to think more. I don’t want him to change his driving style. He passed two people at the start. He did that perfectly. That’s what we all want to see. But we don’t want to see these kinds of actions. He needs to have it under control. He needs to think.

disappointed Jos Verstappen
Jos Verstappen was disappointed by his son’s antics

The older Verstappen admitted that he was more disappointed than angry at his son’s harebrained moves. He also spoke on Max’s clash with Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain. In that case, he defended his son and blamed the media for blowing it out of proportion.

“I don’t think there was anything wrong with that, I still think it was a good move. Afterwards you could say Max should have given Hamilton more room, but Hamilton could have done the same to Max. That’s why it’s a racing incident and they’re both taking the blame.

Jos Verstappen believes  that Max is being heavily scrutinised due to his age. He cited the example of Fernando Alonso who pushed Vettel wide at the Chinese Grand Prix.

According to him, Max’s incident was a bit milder by people are still riled up about it. The question that is on everyone’s minds is, can Verstappen Jr. keep things clean from Baku onwards?

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