Most Disappointing Formula 1 Moments of the season


The season is over and as we approach the winter holidays, it about time to review the season gone by. Previously we brought you the best overtakes from the season. This time its time for the top disappointing Formula 1 moments.

The 2017 season started on a high. The shifting momentum between the two title protagonists kept us glued to each racing weekend. But that was not all. There was plenty happening up and down the grid to make the season exciting.

However, the season wasn’t without disappointing moments too. So let’s take a look at Formula 1 disappointing moments for the 2017 season:

1. McLaren-Honda

When McLaren partnered with Honda from 2015 onwards, there was talk all around of repeating the 1980s era of dominance. But the moment the cars hit the track, the bubble burst for everyone. The British-Japanese alliance endured a horrible 2015. 

Things improved for the 2016 season and McLaren-Honda climbed upto 6th on the points table. McLaren claimed they have bettered their chassis department and Honda respectively boasted of now having a better understanding of the world of F1.

Come 2017, bigger things were expected from McLaren-Honda. The Japanese marquee had revised its engine architecture in a bid to aim for the big boys. But as soon as the winter testing started, it was a repeat of 2015. The engine had no power and no reliability. Recovery plans were made but Honda failed in all of them.

In merely first 8 races of the 2017 season, McLaren-Honda had amassed a total of 115 Grid Penalties between its two drivers!

To say that the McLaren-Honda alliance was one of the most disappointing Formula 1 moments for the season would be an understatement.


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