Disguised Toast Wins Over the Among Us Community With His Animations

January 18, 2021 2:05 am

Among Us is currently one of the raging games in the community. Although it released in 2018, the game came into the limelight during the worldwide lockdown in 2020. It wasn’t long before most known streamers started playing the game on their channels.

In a significantly short period of time, YouTuber Disguised Toast became the undisputed king of Among Us. His clever gameplay and deduction skills made YouTube crown him as the Sherlock Holmes of the game. However, apart from his crazy gameplay, there is one more thing that makes his streams stand out. Toast has also won the community’s heart with his hilarious animations in his streams of Among Us.

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Disguised Toast creates some of the sickest Among Us animations

One of Disguised Toast’s signature moves is to include a short animation right at the beginning of his videos. He creates a short snippet of some moments viewers will see in the stream. He is mostly making fun of his fellow players in these snippets, creating animations out of things they say during the stream. All his loyal viewers will surely have enjoyed the Tiny Sykkuno animations. Needless to say, the community is a fan of these animations as they make his streams a lot more fun to watch.

Disguised Toast is one of the smartest players of this party game. He can remember small details and incidents during the game which prove to play a key role in voting out the impostor, and he is almost never wrong.

As an impostor too, he can come up with convincing stories that keep him out of the spotlight. Further, he often subtly manipulates his fellow players to vote out others when he needs them to.

Toast’s 10000 IQ is one to watch to get a sense of what the streamer is all about.

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