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‘Djokovic Has an Amazing Career’- Roger Federer

‘Djokovic Has an Amazing Career’- Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have had feisty encounters divided among them. However they put their differences aside to come together as a team to help Team Europe win the Laver Cup. Despite being an exhibition event Djokovic insisted that everybody has been taking this seriously, and that they were focused on winning. “I think we all care, we all care to win, you know, and over these three days we talked strategies a lot”, said Djokovic.

Roger Federer

“We talked how we can eventually, you know, break it down to one simple maybe thing that we can tell a player who is playing, you know, that would be useful for him to win his match”, continued Djokovic. “Obviously there are other subjects we talk about, but mostly it’s tennis and just kind of grasping this experience which is unique for all of us.”

Roger Federer also commented on how it was different from the first edition of Laver Cup.  “Well, yeah, I mean, look, they are very different players. Naturally there is a lot changing. It was not exactly the same opponents, as well, but similar”, said the Swiss maestro. “Yeah, I mean, look, again, super-tiebreaker, anything can happen in those  circumstances. I thought we actually played pretty good today again, like I did also with Rafa last year in terms of excitement. You know, it was similar for me, to be quite honest.”

Roger Federer

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Federer also spoke about how it was a treat to play with one of the best players on the tour. “Novak has such an amazing and wonderful career, so to team up with somebody of his caliber is just a treat. Talking strategy, preparing for the match and then in itself, as well, is, I don’t know, it’s just very different. It’s not something we are that used to. You learn a lot from these kind of matches, and it was a big-time match for us”, said Roger Federer.

Djokovic was equally pleased to be playing alongside Roger Federer as well. “We got together and I think we were all having fun and it’s, as I said, really a special experience to be alongside Roger and the other teammates and, you know, share this week with them, get to know them on and off the court, get a lot of laughs and good energy and just support each other.”

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