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Djokovic is Right about Hike in Prize Money: Troicki

Djokovic is Right about Hike in Prize Money: Troicki


Novak Djokovic recently created a stir in the tennis world, by asking the player to form a committee and ask the tournaments to increase their prize money. This however, received a backlash in the media, as they labeled Djokovic as greedy. However, Victor Troicki spoke more openly and clarified the manner in which Djokovic was being portrayed.

‘What’s happening between us should stay between us,’ Troicki commented.

‘I didn’t attend the meeting because I was in Sydney, but I spoke to Novak. At the moment nothing has been confirmed yet, but when you look at what Grand Slams make, what players are getting paid is ridiculous.’

Troicki believes Djokovic is right in asking for more

The fellow Serbian accused the tournament organisers of earning far more revenue than what the players are being paid.

‘The prize money increases, but [the tournament] revenue increases (too). They are telling us fairy-tales and then it turns out we are hungry for money.’ Troicki also added, ‘ [The] top 10-20 players live in a fantastic way, the top-50 live very well, but beyond the top 200-300, in tennis just one man pays everything. Novak makes an effort to be even more equal. He doesn’t fight alone. Players’ Union is a good idea, only united will we have the power to really achieve something.’

Rumours are that Federer is not entirely in favour of Djokovic’s idea of forming a committee.  It is however, believed that Djokovic has voiced the opinion of several other players and agents, and that talks of this idea had been going on in the locker room since a long time. Such an incident has occurred before at the Wimbledon 2012 tournament. Back then the players had threatened to boycott the tournament, which had forced Wimbledon to increase their prize money by 40% in 2013! We will have to wait and see how this effects the prize money distribution in the near future.

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