Djokovic leads the race to World Number One

September 28, 2018 3:50 am

The Resurged King of Serbia, Novak Djokovic resumed winning titles back-to-back in the middle of the 2018 tennis season. The world won’t be awe-struck if he ends this year’s season as the World Number one tennis player.

After re-establishing his dominance on the professional courts, Djokovic is making Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal strive arduously. They endeavour to compete with him during the matches. Collectively over the past fifteen years, these three men have won most of the Grand Slams on the ATP circuit. Djokovic is once again on the apex of his career and has grabbed the attention of numerous tennis experts.

The doubles team at the Laver Cup this year

Rod Laver shared his thoughts on Djokovic’s resurgence. He feels the Serb will seize numerous majors in the upcoming years. “Five years ago, it was Roger [Federer], three years ago it was [Rafael] Nadal. I see Novak really being the main one winning a lot of the Grand Slams in the next 2-3 years”, said Laver.  “It’s hard to pinpoint how they’ve stayed on top because they’re just so much better than the next crop that has come through.”

The reigning Wimbledon Champion

Djokovic has introspected and studied himself carefully.  He meticulously took steps in his career. His connect with his old team and his layover due to his elbow injury have made a significant difference. Those decisions have given a kick-start of rewrite the history on the tennis courts. Moreover, his stern mental resilience aids him to make those dynamic movements on the tennis court.

Further, Laver added, “Federer has so much natural talent that if he sees someone playing that he’s competing against, he just knows how to play that person. We haven’t come across those players, they don’t have the same natural ability’. After Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal from the Asian swing because of his ongoing knee injury, Djokovic is also leading the race to finish the year as the world number one.”

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