“Djokovic was inhuman”, Says Chris Evert

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

The Grand Slam tally of the ‘Big Three’ of tennis is increasing with every Slam they play.  Collectively, the three GOATs of tennis have now bagged 52 majors till now and their count would refuse to cease at least for a few years from now. With Novak Djokovic playing some exceptional tennis, the world is not optimistic about Roger Federer embracing his 21st crown. He might produce some wonders on the grass-courts, but however, Federer adding another Slam to his hoard of trophies seems impractical for the moment.

Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer and Chris Evert

The 18-time major champion Chris Evert is a huge admirer of Federer. Right after, the Swiss maestro pulled off his Australian Open 2018 title, Evert came up with a fervent post, which said,  “Nobody makes me cry like Roger Federer…no one…there is no one like him…I think he is going to be even more dominant”. However, the best clay-court women’s player in history, Evert is now sceptical about the Swiss legend winning his next major. “I’m a big Roger Federer fan, but I’m not as optimistic about Roger winning another Grand Slam unless it is Wimbledon.” Evert said during a talk show at Tennis Channel.“The points are shorter, power plays a big role and serving plays a big role.”

The woman with 157 career titles, Evert holds unprecedented regard for the Serbian, Djokovic. His resurgence has certainly gone into the stratosphere. His tennis during the Australian Open 2019 was supernatural. He sees the ball better and anyone else on tour, which remarks his greatest strength and also moves swiftly on the court and that would permit him to efficiently dwell for some more time in professional tennis.

Djokovic is just a major title away from attaining all four Slams consecutively for the second time in his career. His mental toughness and his perseverance were phenomenal in Melbourne. In the years to come, fortunately, if no injuries bounce upon him and the 31-year-old maintains the similar momentum throughout, no one’s surprise he might surpass his greatest rivals ever in tennis.

Novak Djokovic
Chris Evert, Novak Djokovic and Billie Jean King

“Djokovic was inhuman during the Australian Open”, Evert mentioned. “I’ve never seen anybody with that much mental focus, that much clarity and that much determination. Even better than Rafael Nadal, who is also 100 per cent great in those categories. If he (Djokovic) has another great two or three years, I think he can pass them all (Grand Slam titles won).”