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Djokovic Wishes to be the Same as Nadal-Federer

Djokovic Wishes to be the Same as Nadal-Federer


Tennis legend Boris Becker recently gave a deep analysis of Novak Djokovic’s Wimbledon triumph. The six-time Grand Slam champion made a very interesting comparison between Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

He believes that Novak should be given more credit. ‘Is he shown the same respect as the big two? Probably not,‘ Becker said. ‘We all love Roger and we all love Rafa, but it seems we “respect” Djokovic.

That’s something that bothers him. He wants to be on the same level, but it’s something you can’t buy. He’s playing in an era with two of the most beloved sportspeople in the world. That’s the situation but he has to deal with it.

Fans aren’t against him though. However, he takes it all personally, that’s his character – he’s sensitive.’


According to Becker, this success came as a surprise for the 31-year-old as well. Such a result was unexpected, after going through many difficult months of injury recovery.

“I don’t think Djokovic expected to win another Wimbledon after two years of not being close.”

“When he started this year he just wanted to be healthy and play, he wasn’t thinking of winning. During the clay season, he was happy to just win a match. It was only at Queen’s, when he went to the final, he started to believe there was something left.”

“Regarding the future, Novak is super fit and very dedicated. He studies the history books and knows Nadal and Federer have more Grand Slams, though he won’t bring it up in conversation. He can play for two or three years more and win a few more majors – starting with the US Open.”

Djokovic defeated South African player Kevin Anderson to win the final of Wimbledon. The former World number one achieved victory in straight sets. It was partially helped by the fact that Anderson had 2 marathon matches prior to the final.

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