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Djokovic’s preparation secrets

Djokovic’s preparation secrets

The Serbinator, Novak Djokovic is all set to shed off his Paris disappointment as he prepares for the title defense at the All England Club. But his preparations are a bit unusual, the man has spent the last couple of weeks engaged in more mundane tasks.
“Laundry, garbage, cleaning. What did I buy the other day? Door handles, because they were broken, so I had to buy new ones. When I’m at home I do a lot of ordinary things. But generally these things give me thankfulness and the peace and quiet that you need.”, said the World No.1
After skipping the tune up tournament to Wimbledon, he finally took to the grass yesterday afternoon , beating Richard Gasquet in an exhibition match at The Boodles in Buckinghamshire. During the match, Novak also did a bit of striptease, to the delight of his female fan following. Screenshot_2015-06-26-13-50-14~01~01
Djokovic said that the heartbreaking loss in Paris was well and truly behind him.
“How long did it take to get over it? Honestly, not too long because it’s unfortunately happened a few times for me, missing out at the final step in Paris,” Djokovic said. “As a tennis player you have to get used to these kinds of feelings.
“It’s easier said than done – it’s a big tournament, and it means a lot to me. I invested a lot of energy and of course it was disappointing. Now I’m going to get out on the virgin grass on Monday. I can’t wait for that.”
“I needed some time off, more mentally than physically,” he said. “Even though I know it could have been useful to play a couple of official matches on grass, it’s not the first time I’m coming straight into Wimbledon. I’ve regrouped, spent some time with the family, got my thoughts off tennis for a little bit. Now I’m back in my office, and hopefully I’ll be able to perform well.”
The top seed Djokovic is the favorite to defend his crown. He entered last year’s Wimbledon without any official grass court practice and went on to win his second title. A third this July, would level him with his coach Borish Becker.

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