“Do You Have Rocks in Your Head?” – Nick Kyrgios Takes Further Dig After Borna Coric’s Comments

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Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios took a dig at Borna Coric after the Croatian player said that he doesn’t care what Kyrgios says.

It all started after Kyrgios criticized all the players for ignoring safety protocols to take part in the Adria Tour event which later saw a few of them including Coric, Grigor Dimitrov, and Novak Djokovic test positive for coronavirus.

In a recent interview, Coric hit back at the criticism from Kyrgios.

When asked about the Aussie’s comments, he said, “It’s just him, I have no other explanation. I read what he wrote, but I totally care because he also likes to be a general after the battle. If someone else was reading the lessons, I might have understood, but Kyrgios.

“Somehow it’s not realistic. But okay, that’s his style, that’s how it works and I don’t have a problem with that, nor do I mind on a personal level. Zverev acted badly, but I don’t see the need to name fellow players that way. I wouldn’t do that, but again – it’s Kyrgios,” Coric said further.

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Nick Kyrgios fires shots after Borna Coric’s comments

Kyrgios took to Twitter earlier on Wednesday and replied to Coric’s comments, saying “he should care”, and asking whether “he has rocks in his head”.

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Kyrgios wrote, “You should care. Do you have rocks in your head? Again, you can stand up for your mates, I’m just trying to hold them accountable. When I said what I said, I didn’t intend to bother. They are tennis players, they aren’t special. Just as I thought Coric intellectual level = 0.”

He then sent out another tweet tagging Coric and asked him if he had read how being infected by the virus affected Dimitrov.

“@borna_coric Just making sure that you spuds didn’t cause more players to feel like Dimitrov. Have you read how he continued to feel after he tested negative? Or that’s too much for that brain of yours to process?” Kyrgios’ second tweet said.

Players who were part of the Adria Tour continue to face widespread criticism for their participation in the event.

SOURCE: Espreso, Nick Kyrgios, Twitter: @NickKyrgios

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