Daniel Ricciardo
image source: Motorsport.com

Daniel Ricciardo is among the most interesting and incredible characters on the racing grid. There are few drivers actually that go on to make everyone unanimously happy when they win. Among the few who have no enemies, haven’t earned the wrath of social media and have been much better off than being derided by one and all is Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Although there’s hardly any doubt about his ability as a racing talent, Ricciardo didn’t quite enjoy a fine Grand Prix at the season-opening contest at Australia. While 20 races remain in front of him, Ricciardo, who’s now with a brand new racing outfit in the form of Renault would be eager to make up for a lost chance and return to his usual impressive scoring ways.

But while one doesn’t know what’s going to happen on that count, what one does know, in fact, is that his racing helmet has earned some interesting observations in the recent past.

So that leaves us with a simple question. What really is the matter behind Ricciardo‘s helmet’s message that goes on to say the following- “Stop being them?”

The point is that when Ricciardo turned up for the Australian Grand Prix, then a lot of attention was directed at his 2019 helmet, that was quick to trigger public curiosity, discussion and indeed, some conjecture on social media.

Interestingly, what one had imagined- that this would be targeted at Red Bull, his former team with whom he endured more DNF’s in a single year than he ever had in his entire run- didn’t really turn out to be that.

Offering some clarification and clearing the clutter, Ricciardo shared, “It’s not targeted at Red Bull, but just having the freedom (with Renault) to do whatever I want, I figured why not go for something crazy and different,” Ricciardo said of his helmet design.

So here’s the fact of the matter.

Stop being them, according to the smiling Aussie quite simply means, “stop following a particular trend.”

Ain’t that cool? Well done, Dan!