Does Ninja Still Love Playing Fortnite?

April 27, 2020 1:24 am

Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is perhaps one of the biggest names in the gaming world right now. He used to stream on Twitch but has now shifted to Mixer. Ninja rose to his prominence by playing Fortnite, a game that became synonymous with his name.

 Recently he was playing with SypherPK and did not really enjoy the game. It is a fact that Fortnite has changed significantly. The game has become extremely competitive, and it is not fun to play anymore. 

He even went on to criticize the game heavily because of its guns. Most importantly, players without any sort of skill can just equip these OP guns and shoot blind. It would still knock a player or two, which is just wrong. 

Ninja also took part in the rock, paper, scissor challenge hosted by Mr.Beast. This also involved a war of words with Tfue, where Ninja made a lot of sense. Tfue mistakenly streamed the charity event and did apologize for it soon enough nonetheless.

Does He Still Enjoy Playing Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale has seen a steady decline when it comes to gameplay. Pro players, streamers, everyone has complained about how the game is not fun anymore. Somehow the game needs to be fixed beyond adding new cosmetics and shows.

 Ninja himself even said this, “I hate this f**king game…Sypher has 150 shield, gets heavy sniped from 200 meters away, gets knocked. The second guy, heavy snipes him, thirsts him; he’s dead. Launchpad over to me, minigun spray – it’s just so bad, that’s not fun.”  

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Back When Fortnite Was Ninja’s One True Love

We all remember that time when Ninja singlehandedly killed everyone at Tilted Towers. For the OG Map lovers of Fortnite, we all know difficult it can be up there.

 Ninja made it look like a cakewalk with his no-scope skills. We knew he was the best, but to do that with weaker weapons is just amazing. 

He is also one of the best when it comes to building. That team-up with DrLupo, where he literally reached the summit, gave us things to learn from.

From playing with Christian Pulisic to Drake, to even his fans, Ninja has done it all. Ninja also gave us tips to play as Thanos. Love or hate, you cannot debate that Ninja is perhaps the best gamer Fortnite has ever seen. We can only hope that he loves the game, still just the same. 

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