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Dolphins Rookie Sensation Preston Williams out for Season

Dolphins Rookie Sensation Preston Williams out for Season

Preston Williams

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Preston Williams suffered a knee injury Sunday against the New York Jets.

Dolphins coach Brian Flores said that the injury is set to end his season. Williams is also expected to miss spring practices, which start in five months.

“It’s a big loss for us,” Flores said. “I talked to him this morning. He’s done an incredible job, really. Came to us as a free agent and has really grown over the last six months, seven months. I was devastated for the kid and he was as well, but I told him this is just a bump in the road. He’ll be back, I believe, if he attacks his rehab and his training the way he did when he got here, he’ll be just fine.”

The injury could mean DeVante Parker getting a bigger role. He has 28 catches for 400 yards on 52 targets.

“I think we just need the next guy to step up,” Flores said. “They know that. Those guys are up for the challenge. Preston’s a big loss but it opens up opportunities for those other guys.”

Dolphins have now lost three players in a space of eight days. After they traded Kenyan Drake to the Cardinals last Monday, Xavien Howard suffered his own year-ending knee injury.

“He can be a very good player in this league, but it’s up to him,” Flores said. “There’s a lot of players in this league with a lot of potential, a lot of talent. But it’s up to him to put in the work, put in the preparation, the training, the diet, the sleep, all of it. It all counts. I think he’s definitely on the right track to get the most out of his talent, his ability. In some cases, a setback is a good thing. It allows him to train and really lock in all those other things a little bit earlier than we would have if he played the entire season. That’s the kind of approach he needs to take.”

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