Dominic Thiem Blasts Haters on Social Media

By 11 months ago

In the past we communicated through letters, then we moved to telephones and today we are in the era of social media. Our lives do not pass without an Instagram post, a Facebook post or even a Tweet. In a recent interview, Dominic Thiem spoke about social media.

He said,“It belongs to our days, everyone should accept it. As long as I do not check my mobile phone for a too long time during tournaments, for me it’s very good.”

Dominic Thiem also spoke about many effects of social media,“As top class athletes we have the opportunity to use those networks for unbelievable positive things. We can spread positive energy and be role models. Maybe even more than before.”

Tennis players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic who have a large fan following and who are the idols of many young people can use social media to reach out to them and spread their positive messages so in this way social has had a positive effect.

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Dominic Thiem also spoke about how he gets comments from haters on social media. He said,“From my first matches on the Challenger Tour, I am getting the worst comments from who loses bets. I do not take them too seriously. You should not care about it.”

Sports betting is an extremely popular activity in today’s world. People want to engage in such activities where they can make money if their picked player wins. Sometimes when they lose they release their anger on the players through social media by posting  hate comments and death threats.

Dominic Thiem’s case is not the only one, back in 2016 Kevin Anderson also faced such problems. In a Tweet after his first round loss at Wimbledon He said,”Bummed to have lost yesterday, but at least I had a ton of death threats on facebook and twitter to make me feel better about things.”

These types of comments are not beneficial to players on the tour. Social Media cannot be eliminated but such ill-effects that it has have to be minimized.

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