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Dominic Thiem’s Mother Follows This Interesting Ritual To Celebrate His Tournament Wins

Dominic Thiem’s Mother Follows This Interesting Ritual To Celebrate His Tournament Wins

Dominic Thiem

Dominic Thiem’s mother Karin has been a very visible part of  the Austrian‘s tennis career. She has been seen everywhere with her son, supporting and motivating him as  he rises up the ranks of professional tennis.

However, a very interesting detail of Dominic Thiem’s mother showing overwhelming support and commitment to her son’s career has surfaced. She has an interesting ritual to celebrate her son’s tournament victories. Let’s find out what they are!

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How Does Dominic Thiem’s Mother Celebrate His Tournament Victories?

Dominic Thiem’s mother makes a tattoo after every tournament that her son won in the year 2019. Apparently, the reason for this interesting ritual is a bet that Karin had with Lucas, a friend of Dominic Thiem.

In an exclusive interview given to Tennis World USA, Karin explained: “We were driving to Indian Wells last year, after a horrible start in South America, he was playing really bad and his fitness was also not really on top, we had an endless fight from Rio and we were all tired. Lucas said: if Domi wins this tournament (Indian Wells)  I will get a tattoo. And I said, ‘Yes, ok me too… ‘

Dominic Thiem won the Indian Wells tournament. As a result, Karin got an eagle feather tattoo to keep her promise. Subsequently, this became a regular ritual.

For Barcelona, she got a sun tattoo.

What Does The Future Hold For Dominic Thiem?

Dominic Thiem had a pretty impressive 2019. Although he couldn’t win any grand slam, he won five major titles.

This includes a pathbreaking victory against Roger Federer at the finals of the Indian Wells Masters. He also holds victories over his fellow rising stars Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas at major junctures.

However, Thiem had a bad start to 2020 with a defeat at the hands of much lower ranked Borna Coric. Despite that, his mother will hope to get many more tattoos in 2020.

How do you think 2020 will play out for Dominic Thiem?

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