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Dominick Reyes Reveals His Game plan to Dethrone Jon Jones at UFC 246

Dominick Reyes Reveals His Game plan to Dethrone Jon Jones at UFC 246

Dominick Reyes

The UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones will enter the octagon again to defend his title against Dominick Reyes. This title fight will headline UFC 246 at Toyota Center, Houston.

Ever since Jones has made his octagon return after the suspension he has defended his title against Alexander Gustafsson, Anthony Smith, and Thiago Santos. Although Jones dominated Gustafsson and Smith and won the fight decisively, he struggled to finish his fights against Anthony Smith. He was even very close to losing his title against Santos. On the other hand, Dominick Reyes is unbeaten in his career and is coming from a huge win against former middleweight champion, Chris Weidman. Although many believe that Jones has looked vulnerable in his last two fights, Reyes is not too much concerned about that as he says:

“The way I see it, every fight is in its own contained universe. What happens in each fight is specific to that fight. It’s hard to go back and pick from every little fight. From my experience, I know that every fight is in its own entity within itself. “

Dominick Reyes

Although Jones in a huge favorite going into the fight, Reyes does possess a few attributes that might give a few troubles to the light heavyweight champion. In a recent interview with Luke Thomas, the number one contender, Reyes talked about his approach for the title fight with Jones and said:

“If I would try to address all the issues that Jon brings to the fight, try to stifle everything he is trying to do, I am gonna get lost and forget my own game. It’s a real fine line. At the end of the day what I am bringing to the table, what I am gonna do in the octagon. I need to go and worry about my best weapons, the things that I am great at and be the best version of me that night, Not trying to reinvent the wheel here.”

Dominick Reyes

Talking about what the light heavyweight champion brings to the table, Reyes continued:

“Jon Jones is an adaptive fighter. He adapts at all times. He is constantly analyzing, finding the weakness, finding the holes, looking for that spot, just by getting different reactions out of his opponent by doing different things. He is dynamic, he is creative and he is a champ.”

With Jones vs Reyes ahead of us, the rivalry between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya is taking interesting turns and it seems they might have to settle their beef inside the octagon sooner or later. However, Dominick Reyes might spoil the party if he gets the job done against Jones.

Do you think Dominick Reyes can cause the upset in UFC 246 or it will be another clinical performance from the light heavyweight champion?

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