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Donna Vekic Gives Her Verdict On The GOAT Debate

Donna Vekic Gives Her Verdict On The GOAT Debate

Donna Vekic

Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic is one of the most talked-about women tennis stars in the world. Her skills in tennis are obviously a big reason. However, her erstwhile relationship with Stan Wawrinka has also kept her in the news.

Her quarter-final finish at the US Open last year meant that she is quickly gaining prominence as a future Grand Slam champion. That’s why what she thinks about contemporary tennis is also of a lot of interest to fans are large. Vekic revealed her verdict on the GOAT debate in an interview.

What did Donna Vekic say?

As per Donna, the greatest player in the world is Novak Djokovic.

“For me, Djokovic than Federer than Nadal.”

Donna Vekic

Her answer seems to convey a thought process inspired by practical realities rather than emotion. Considering the current scenario, Novak has the most chances of ending up as the GOAT. His game is at the best it has ever been and he is currently head and shoulders above both Federer and Nadal.

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Post this, Vekic was also asked about the contentious issue of pay disparity between male and female tennis players. As per Vekic, the argument that men bring more ratings doesn’t hold. That’s simply because they get better TV spots while women are relegated to the background.

“Yes and no. The big thing about that is that men’s matches usually get the top TV slot and that’s definitely one of the reasons for their higher ratings. That’s not fair and that’s something that WTA fights for.”

As you can probably figure, Vekic is very forthright with her opinions. That’s a quality that really helps you in your public life as you become popular. Vagueness on any matter can complete disfigure your image in the public.

Who knows it better Vekic’s favorite player Novak Djokovic. He recently faced all the flak for his absurd stance on the Coronavirus vaccine. Perhaps that’s where Donna Vekic drew inspiration from in shaping her way of articulation.

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